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Thanks to natalie at Trail run physio we are able to offer trail running workshops


Come join Nat Gallant for a trail running workshop!

Keen to hit the trails and learn how to avoid injury this coming winter? Need some clues on why you’re still nursing that niggle? Want to feel fighting fit to face a new challenge? Or even just keen for a fun nature fix? This workshop is for you!


Having recently returned from running the length of New Zealand on the Te Araroa Trail, your host Nat Gallant combines her passion for trail running with the knowledge underpinned by over a decade of physiotherapy practice. Specialising in running injuries and with a post graduate diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine, Nat is excited to share her wisdom and insights with you. By putting research into practice, it’s a guarantee you’ll come away from the day feeling inspired, empowered, and a little muddy and sweaty too! One workshop later and those niggles you’ve been nursing could be a thing of the past…


Aimed at runners of all abilities; but especially those wanting to run efficiently and safely. Learn neat tips and tricks in order to maximise your foot function and put yourself one step ahead of others on the trails!


What will it entail?
  • Tips on Technique! - Efficient technique is fundamental for you as a runner. You’ll learn the specifics of good running form tailored to the trails.

  • Learn how to tackle hills & navigate obstacles

  • Get your feet naked for a barefoot educational in foot function, mobility drills & foot strengthening exercises

  • Demystifying shoes - time to get the marker pens out for some barefooted doodling

  • Trail Safety 101 - When you’re a long way from home safety is paramount. Trail safety 101 will ensure you have the skills to take care of yourself out there should the need arise; including taping techniques for ankle sprains, what to carry in your pack and how to avoid becoming a dreaded ‘zombie’ runner.

  • Prehab before rehab! – Exercises specifically tailored to trail runners


What will i need?

Nothing fancy; just your usual run kit, trainers with a bit of grip (the terrain maybe muddy and slippery in places) and your own water.

I know how runners like a good yarn so a light snack will be provided after the workshop.

How far will we go?

This workshop isn’t about covering distance, but rather the educational component of becoming a better runner and having fun! I’m keen to welcome all runners including those who are only just finding their feet, that’s why I’ve split the workshops into beginner and intermediate so you can pick the one that suits your abilities.

In the beginners level workshop distances will entirely depend on the abilities of those who attend, there will likely be some run/walking and hiking of the hills which is totally fine and expected, speed is secondary to the fun factor! I imagine you’ll be pleasantly surprised how much distance we do cover without feeling overly challenged.

Intermediate workshops are aimed at all runners who run somewhat regularly. We shall just be covering a little more ground whilst maintaining a suitable running pace dictated by the terrain.

If you’re still concerned which is the right workshop for you, just get in touch via my contact details below, I’d be happy to chat it through.


Where and when

Sunday 02 August 2020 10 am - 12 pm: Beginners Workshop

Sunday 16 August 2020 10 am - 12 pm: Intermediate Workshop

Meet at the carpark of Port Marlborough Pavilion, Endeavour Park, Picton.


If you’re keen to attend but can’t make the above date, drop me a message. I’d be happy to arrange a date to suit you and your trail running buddies.


so what's the cost?

2 hour Trail Running Workshop: $60

(20% discount to those registered in Marina2Marina = $48)

If your unable to make it please give me at least 48 hours notice for a full refund.


how do i register?

Email me on or drop me a line on 0224206762. Due to patchy phone service where I live send me a text or WhatsApp message, I’ll call you right back.

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