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The Marina 2 Marina is a community led event, run by Marlborough Events Ltd, with profits being donated to the Picton/Waikawa community.


The organiser can be contacted via our email address info@marina2marina.co.nz

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New for 2019!

THe LINK Run - 24KM


The Link is a new route and it's not for the faint hearted!

Starting at Anakiwa Bay (beginning of the Queen Charlotte Track) the track takes runners through 24km of native bush on the newly built Link Pathway. Passing through Aussie Bay, Momorangi Bay, Ngakuta Bay and Shakespeare Bay before travelling down in to the town of Picton, this track provides competitors with views that will make the pain worth while. Just over the length of a half marathon and with hills to challenge the fittest of competitors, this event is for the experienced runner.


The Link also provides competitors with the option of enjoying a boat cruise from the main event at London Quay, Picton to the start line at Anakiwa. Enjoy the view of the track from sea level while you kick the nerves into touch before conquering The Link. Alternatively, you can make your own way to Anakiwa and meet your fellow runners at the start line. (Please note, due to restricted numbers the boat is for competitors only - supporters must make their own arrangements).

Competitors must be 16 years or older.
Check out the course - view the video below:

The Link: 24km - Track Video




This event is designed to be inclusive and fun, with a focus on participation. While the Link Run option will appeal to the experienced trail runner and fitness enthusiasts, the Snout Run/Walk will appeal to mid-level participants and the
Marina 2 Marina option can be achieved by all.

The event begins and ends with festival atmosphere and family entertainment at London Quay.


THe Snout Run/WALK - 13KM


The Snout 13km course includes a few hard hill climbs but when you reach the top, the views are amazing. This would be suited for the fitness enthusiast and regular joggers. This year we offer both walking and running options.

Competitors must be 14 years or older.

Check out the course - view the video below:

The Snout: 13km - Track Video

Marina 2 Marina Run/Walk - 9KM


This course follows the Picton to Waikawa track and is an easy trail for novice runners and with the option to walk, makes it suitable for all members of the family. 

Competitors must be 7 years or older.

Check out the course - view the video below:

Marina 2 Marina: 9km - Track Video


Children aged 5 - 9 years can enter this event

Check out the course - view the video below: